Our knowledge

We actively assist our players in the negotiation or renewal of their contracts of employment with a football club. We help them better manage their interests and control the key moments of their sporting career. 

A friendly

We talk regularly with our players to review their courses and offer solutions for improvement. Our listening sensitive to their needs and our ability to dialogue will allow us to make a difference.

Able to anticipate

Change jobs is prepared in advance. Therefore, from the age of 28, we begin to develop a future plan for conversion to our players according to their profession of choice after career.


We educate our players at a future conversion.
We guide them so they can thrive in their new career.
We build bridges between their work today and tomorrow.

Welcome to Ismanagement, a site serving the players amateur or professional football looking for a manager to build together a beautiful sports career


The world of football is characterized by unpredictability, which often weakens the career of the athlete.
The reality of today is not that of yesterday and tomorrow will be different again.
The pressures are strong, pending the results is urgent, the demands are many and game rules are not as stable.
In this ongoing and unpredictable movement Ismanagement uses all its knowledge and experience to help you actively throughout your career.